On equal footing,
safely into the future.

Whether in healthcare, crafts, industry, or services: increasing complexity and regulation in tax, financial, and business planning threaten to slow you down.
As experienced experts, we are by your side, providing advice at eye level and helping to set the course for the future.
Safe? Absolutely.

We've got your back.
The added values of Mauer.

Managing finances

Whether it's accounting, annual financial statements, or tax planning: we relieve you from tax declaration to tax optimization – for businesses or individuals, in the SME sector or in healthcare.

Gain Confidence

Through our experts and personal contacts, we provide you with confidence in all tax and business matters of your company.

Shape the Future

When it comes to questions of business succession, restructuring, or M&A processes, we highlight design potentials and advise with our many years of experience. Always following our 360° approach: Business – Family – Wealth.

Digitize Processes

In the digitization of accounting processes, we recommend strategic solutions and offer pragmatic development paths that fit your business model. We work completely digitally and think in digital processes.

Our Consulting

Finding Balance with Mauer

We consider what belongs together. Business, family, and wealth - we work to ensure a win-win-win for all three dimensions in all phases of the company.

This ensures that sustainable success not only applies to the business but also secures all relevant areas of life.

A whole team stands behind you.

For you, we bring together interdisciplinary expertise as tax consultants, auditors, business economists, engineers, mathematicians, and information technology specialists.
»For over 10 years, I have benefited from Mauer's tailored and hands-on consultancy for medium-sized businesses, thanks to their experienced perspective on the business situation and expertise in all financial, tax, and compliance aspects, as well as their legal implications.«
Reinhard Hamburger
Managing Director, C-FOR-U Business Coaching

What is your issue?

Financial Statements
Tax Burden
Legal Form Selection
Business Succession
Inheritance Tax
Preparation of financial statements for companies and freelancers, including ongoing financial, payroll, and salary accounting, as well as VAT advance return.
Tax planning based on a potential analysis to reduce the tax burden, followed by operational and private tax planning.
Conceptual and implementation-oriented consulting for the introduction and selection of ERP software (standard or industry-specific). Support in building and optimizing the ISMS, also for critical infrastructures, including preparation for certification and NIS 2.
Voluntary and statutory audit of annual and consolidated financial statements according to German GAAP (HGB) and IFRS, audits according to MABV, as well as other special audits in the energy industry, public transport, and hospitals.
Process expertise throughout the entire transaction process, conducting due diligence investigations, company valuations for buyers or sellers, support in price negotiation situations, and contract design.
Support in building, optimizing, and designing the TAX Compliance Management System, as well as auditing according to IDW PS 980.
Choosing the appropriate legal form based on legal, business, and tax considerations.
Timely initiation of planning the transfer of the company or freelance practice. Accompaniment of the transfer process in tax and legal terms.
Planning and optimization of gift and inheritance tax burden through timely asset structuring within the family. Preparation and submission of tax returns. Share and company valuations for gift tax purposes.

What You
Benefit From

Personalized support and
long-term contact persons
Extensive process and
industry understanding
Midsize DNA and
practiced pragmatism
High professionalism
of the deployed experts
Fair pricing

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